I was never a normal teen age girl. No I wasn’t the “Oh who cares types” ever. I am not even the types who would want to live their childhood again. I was always the one who feels more than necessary. You might breathe air but I feel it giving me life every second.

What changed when I crossed 20. With the passage of time and yes loosing up a bit on emotions and giving myself a little break, I have become more vocal to people I love. I have become more vocal to what stresses me. I click more pictures. I don’t want to regret not trying. I started trying to solve problems and think in other people’s perspective.  Discussions started amusing me. Heart outs became the best meetups. The right use of silence was appreciated by me than words.  The deep and dark was even more loved. Pain made me hyperactive in a very fun way.

Privacy became a priority where Stability was always one. Goals got bigger and happiness was found in little things too.