How funny these relationships can be….Like, Basically Nothing lasts, Forever is just a myth. How One scenario can suddenly change your perspective about a person. The person you liked the most becomes somebody you once knew. Life is like,
1 year of best friendship,
2nd year you become intolerable,
3rd year Nobody even bothers to even ask about you,
4th year you don’t care to ask about the other person,
and 5th year some picture over facebook flashes back the whole first year best friendship and the very next moment you MOVE ON again,
That’s the reality of relationship left in this Techie world.
Where you have all those friends in your friends list but you barely ping them to talk. The green dot besides that friend’s name is actually making you ignore them everyday. Being in reach is actually making you less precious. The urge to meet somebody talk to somebody has faded with texts and skype.
There was a time When people used to wait to meetup and have fun..THE REAL FUN!
And now a days the real presence has less value than the people in your phone.

The VIRTUAL presence is so worthy to you that you half hear the stories being told in real?

Those who leave us, are a part of lesson and Those who we leave are a part of “Change”
We leave, We get Separated and Anyone’s time in your life is Short.
How about make the most of a relationship, Make the most of Real presence and BE REAL WITH REAL AROUND US.