While talking he just passed a comment “bariiii tu burger aa “
What is “Burger” :Β  A human specie which Awwwws at everything , Something no One actually says they “wanna be” but they trynna “wanna be” ???
Similar thing happened when i didn’t shake hands with a friend of mine in office cafeteria. Well it must have stroked his ego but he called me “Maili”
No i am not saying it hurts being called Maila , On the contrary i am a PROUD MAILI. I mean lets face it, people living luxurious BUT boring lives (we DO have some Exceptions) can never understand the joy of having “dhabey ki chai , Ganney ka juice, traveling in desi bus, chinchi k jhatkey, eating that cheap unhygienic bunkabab, to name a few……
So yeah i am MAILI and enjoy mailapa so much that i cant imagine my life without it!
Those perverted jokes with friends and those perverted places to sneak around are great way of pleasure and well i advice all the burger to be “Bunkabab” for a day and know the difference.