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The Gesture Language — April 30, 2014

The Gesture Language

Either its a Hi! , Wassup! or A Good Bye Beautiful!

Gesture speaks a lot louder language then words!!

….I might not believe the words you converse…But i ‘ll definitely notice the way you roll your eyes. Sometimes all i see is your lips puckering and bloating and not hearing the words you utter because i have known the truths and lies behind.
Sometimes words can’t express that i don’t want you to leave. Sometimes i can not say it was beautiful the other night. Sometimes i may not be able to show how¬† excited i am for the changes you brought sometimes …….. I am done whining about my problems to you but in all those cases my gestures speak to you..

They make sure you know what you need to know!

A Girl Next Door — April 17, 2014

A Girl Next Door

When girls are young they play games that are based on future happenings like “Ghar Ghar” ,

“Guddey Gurhya ki Shadi” and “Neighbor Neighbor” etc and as we grow,

We being “The Desi kurhiyaan” start dreaming about the perfect better half.

Experiences make you who you are right!
Then with some girls life just turns out to be something else.Their thoughts,

their expectations and their demands..Oh yeah!! Every thing suddenly changes.

Now!! Yes i am talking about the same GIRL NEXT DOOR who wanted someone like

Sharukh khan and Salman Khan to be her Better half, suddenly gets practical in life.
She doesnt want her story to be like “Titanic” because she knows about the risks of it to sink!
She wants someone to love her but She doesn’t want someone

who’s not career minded OR who isn’t serious in life and becomes Devdas in Paro ka Pyar!
She wants a perfect package “practically speaking “! She doesnt care about people

asking her “Beta 21 ki hogai ab tw shaadi krle”…….
Because She hehe !! She’s ready to wait but not ready to compromise…
And about the rest of the girls well they just get married , have kids and kill their personal life!!!
You know what they say “Jeevan ka Sampurn Samarpan to their MAJAZIKHUDA”