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What happened when I crossed 20 : — April 20, 2015

What happened when I crossed 20 :


I was never a normal teen age girl. No I wasn’t the “Oh who cares types” ever. I am not even the types who would want to live their childhood again. I was always the one who feels more than necessary. You might breathe air but I feel it giving me life every second.

What changed when I crossed 20. With the passage of time and yes loosing up a bit on emotions and giving myself a little break, I have become more vocal to people I love. I have become more vocal to what stresses me. I click more pictures. I don’t want to regret not trying. I started trying to solve problems and think in other people’s perspective.  Discussions started amusing me. Heart outs became the best meetups. The right use of silence was appreciated by me than words.  The deep and dark was even more loved. Pain made me hyperactive in a very fun way.

Privacy became a priority where Stability was always one. Goals got bigger and happiness was found in little things too.

Acquaintance to Closest to Acquaintance — August 27, 2014

Acquaintance to Closest to Acquaintance

How funny these relationships can be….Like, Basically Nothing lasts, Forever is just a myth. How One scenario can suddenly change your perspective about a person. The person you liked the most becomes somebody you once knew. Life is like,
1 year of best friendship,
2nd year you become intolerable,
3rd year Nobody even bothers to even ask about you,
4th year you don’t care to ask about the other person,
and 5th year some picture over facebook flashes back the whole first year best friendship and the very next moment you MOVE ON again,
That’s the reality of relationship left in this Techie world.
Where you have all those friends in your friends list but you barely ping them to talk. The green dot besides that friend’s name is actually making you ignore them everyday. Being in reach is actually making you less precious. The urge to meet somebody talk to somebody has faded with texts and skype.
There was a time When people used to wait to meetup and have fun..THE REAL FUN!
And now a days the real presence has less value than the people in your phone.

The VIRTUAL presence is so worthy to you that you half hear the stories being told in real?

Those who leave us, are a part of lesson and Those who we leave are a part of “Change”
We leave, We get Separated and Anyone’s time in your life is Short.
How about make the most of a relationship, Make the most of Real presence and BE REAL WITH REAL AROUND US.

Mailapa Unlimited-Burger ya Bunkabab-Proud Maili — May 28, 2014

Mailapa Unlimited-Burger ya Bunkabab-Proud Maili

While talking he just passed a comment “bariiii tu burger aa “
What is “Burger” :  A human specie which Awwwws at everything , Something no One actually says they “wanna be” but they trynna “wanna be” ???
Similar thing happened when i didn’t shake hands with a friend of mine in office cafeteria. Well it must have stroked his ego but he called me “Maili”
No i am not saying it hurts being called Maila , On the contrary i am a PROUD MAILI. I mean lets face it, people living luxurious BUT boring lives (we DO have some Exceptions) can never understand the joy of having “dhabey ki chai , Ganney ka juice, traveling in desi bus, chinchi k jhatkey, eating that cheap unhygienic bunkabab, to name a few……
So yeah i am MAILI and enjoy mailapa so much that i cant imagine my life without it!
Those perverted jokes with friends and those perverted places to sneak around are great way of pleasure and well i advice all the burger to be “Bunkabab” for a day and know the difference.

Main Paindu Hi Theek Hoon —

Main Paindu Hi Theek Hoon

And i respect this guy Even more now!
i have been thinking abt writing “haan main maili hun” out of a discussion with a friend and all of a sudden this comes up…more inspired to write that now!

بلاگ اے

Main aik qasba main paida hua hoon jahan larkon aur larkiyon k liay 1, 1 govt. primary aur high schools thay aur baqi kuch private schools thay. Private schools main bhi co-education bas class 5 tak thi. Jahan koi public park na tha, 1 civil hospital tha aur kuch clinics. Jahan koi college na tha, matric k baad parhnay doosray shehr jana parta ya phir ghar beth k private exams. Jahan govt schools main bethne ko kursiyan na thein, danday parna, murgha ban k maar khana roz ka mamool tha. English tou door ki baat perfect Urdu bolnay aur parhaanay walay teachers bohat kam thay. Inter ki tution parhne bhi qareeb k kisi shehr rozana Bus main jana ana hota tha.
Main 16 saal wahan raha, wahin parha aur Matric k baad F.Sc kerne Lahore chala gaya aur phir wahan se Karachi.

Shehr main aa ker mehsoos hua k bhai…

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The Gesture Language — April 30, 2014

The Gesture Language

Either its a Hi! , Wassup! or A Good Bye Beautiful!

Gesture speaks a lot louder language then words!!

….I might not believe the words you converse…But i ‘ll definitely notice the way you roll your eyes. Sometimes all i see is your lips puckering and bloating and not hearing the words you utter because i have known the truths and lies behind.
Sometimes words can’t express that i don’t want you to leave. Sometimes i can not say it was beautiful the other night. Sometimes i may not be able to show how  excited i am for the changes you brought sometimes …….. I am done whining about my problems to you but in all those cases my gestures speak to you..

They make sure you know what you need to know!

A Girl Next Door — April 17, 2014

A Girl Next Door

When girls are young they play games that are based on future happenings like “Ghar Ghar” ,

“Guddey Gurhya ki Shadi” and “Neighbor Neighbor” etc and as we grow,

We being “The Desi kurhiyaan” start dreaming about the perfect better half.

Experiences make you who you are right!
Then with some girls life just turns out to be something else.Their thoughts,

their expectations and their demands..Oh yeah!! Every thing suddenly changes.

Now!! Yes i am talking about the same GIRL NEXT DOOR who wanted someone like

Sharukh khan and Salman Khan to be her Better half, suddenly gets practical in life.
She doesnt want her story to be like “Titanic” because she knows about the risks of it to sink!
She wants someone to love her but She doesn’t want someone

who’s not career minded OR who isn’t serious in life and becomes Devdas in Paro ka Pyar!
She wants a perfect package “practically speaking “! She doesnt care about people

asking her “Beta 21 ki hogai ab tw shaadi krle”…….
Because She hehe !! She’s ready to wait but not ready to compromise…
And about the rest of the girls well they just get married , have kids and kill their personal life!!!
You know what they say “Jeevan ka Sampurn Samarpan to their MAJAZIKHUDA”

Umeed! — October 8, 2013



Faani insaan apni faani duniya aur us k faani humrahiyon se kitni umeedain wabasta krleta hai.Umeed ulfat k badle ki..Umeed yaklakht sachai ki…Umeedain laakhon lagane waley laakon…Gar poori hojae tw farhat mgr na ho tw dil kisi sheeshey k gharonde ki manind toot jata hai aur phir umeed laga bethta hai k koi isey sanjoe …sametey…Yeh afsoos k kash hum khud se wabasta umeedien puri kr sktey Dil ujaarh dene jitna khaddarh hai..Magr dil tw umeedon ka tabadla apni akhri harkat tak jaari rakhta hai aur phir yehi dil umeedon se umeedon par umeedon ki maar sehta rahe ga……….